With your help Sam can watch her piglets grow up


The life-changing story of Sam, a 9-year-old traumatised pig from a factory farm who gave birth to more than 250 piglets

Millions of pigs like Sam spend their days in bare concrete pens giving birth to as many piglets as possible until they are written-off.

After 9 years of misery, Sam can finally be a pig  

Sam was pregnant. And not for the first time. As a reproduction pig in a factory farm, in nine years, she has given birth to 240 piglets. On the 16th of March she gave birth one last time. But this time she was able to built her nest with straw.  For the first time Sam can be a mother and with your help she can take care of her 11 newborn piglets.

Follow a year

We are going to film Sam and her piglets for a year because we want the world to know Sam and the other millions of pigs that we treat as lifeless products. For a year we will enter their unknown, complex and amazing world and show that we have to completely rethink our relationship with this friendly and sensitive animal.

Please help

Sam was rescued from a factory farm at the end of February 2021 and is staying with Melief Foundation. With your help she can spend her days there. 50% of your contribution goes directly to Melief Foundation for the livelihood of Sam and her piglets. The other 50% is used for the realisation of the film about the life of Sam and her children.

Together we show the world how special the pig is.

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